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Trekking in Tibet
Trekking in TibetTibet is probably the only destination among the Himalayas that's not as known for its adventure circuits as the rest are. But do not underestimate this destinations as just another trans-Himalayan area of the Himalayas. There's much more to Tibet than Buddhism, monasteries and cold desert-like weather.

Climate & Trekking Season In Tibet
Tibet's high altitude and the atmosphere allow the sun's solar radiation to strike the earth with unusual intensity. To protect your eyes and skin, you'd better to bring the sunscreen, which with a sun protection factor of 15 and sunglasses are also useful. And lip creams and balms are also sold with SPF ratings, zinc, oxide creams provide 100% block out. Generally from April to October is the best season for opting a Tibet tour. But it really depends on your route and a normal winter Tibet tour schedule is quite comfortable, because in winter, the tourist rush is not much and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery freely.

Major Trekking Regions In Tibet

Everest Region:

Usually Everest is more known as a part of Nepal and trekkers have explored numeorus trek routes towards this world's highest peak from Nepalese Himalayas. Still, if you like trekking in the unexplored zones then opt the routes to the Everest range from the Tibetan Himalayas side. One Everest trek tour option from Tibet is from Kathmandu drive across beautiful Nepalese countryside to the Chinese boarder town of Zangmu before negotiating the road up through the deep gorges of Sunkoshi River to Tingri. Trek past the ancient village of Tingri to the base camp from where one can see the magnificent and huge dimensions of Mt. Everest.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra:
For well over a thousand years, pilgrims have journeyed Kailash Mansarovar to pay homage to the mountain’s mystery, circumambulating it is a ancient ritual of devotion that continues to this day. People have been visiting Kailash - Mansarovar for centuries. Almost all the major passes of Uttaranchal Himalayas lead to Kailash - Mansarovar. The important ones in the Kumaon region are Lipulekh, Lampiya Dhura, Nuwe Dhura, Lowe Dhura, Unta Dhura, Jayanti and Kungri Bingri. Under the administration of the Indian ministry of external affairs and with the cooperation of the Chinese government, Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam has been conducting trips to Kailash - Mansarovar through the Lipulekh pass.

Nam Tso Lake Trek:
Nam Tso, is one of the most famous lakes in Tibet. It is situated at an altitude of 4718 metres. It is about 190 km north of Lhasa. It is one of the most famous lakes from the pilgrimage point of view. In Tibetan language, "Nam" means Sky and "Tso" means Lake. Nam Tso is the second largest saltwater lake in China and Tibet, and is approximately 70km long and 30km wide.

Trekking across the Nyenchen Thanglha Mountains to the pebbled shores of the holy Nam Tso lakes takes 6 to 7 days. The trek ends at Damzhung valley, which is situated 160 km north of Lhasa on the Tibet-Quinghai highway. The spectacular trek climbs out of the Damzhung valley via Largen-La (4970 m.) then descends to the mystical environment of Tashi Do hermitage and the vast Nam Tso. From Tashi Do, we trek back to Damzhung valley via the remote region of Nyenchen Thanglha and Kang-La (5150 m.) pass.

The best season for trekking in Nam Tso Lake is late May to October, however you must be prepared at all times for wet weather, snow and cold winds. It is a very remote region so we should carry camping & kitchen equipment and provision for the entire trekking part.

Trekking Permits In Tibet

There are two requirements for foreign tourists tour in Tibet. One is the Chinese Visa, which Ghale Treks apply for in Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Another is the Alien' Travel Permit, which issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. There are no independent trek tours allowed in Tibet. You should join an organized group with Ghale Treks.

High Altitude Sickness
High Altitude Sickness could happen to any guest in high altitude. The effect of HAS usually remains 2 days till the body acclimatizes. Headache, nausea, vomiting and short breath are the common symptoms. To avoid HAS take garlic soup, more water frequently. Diamox tabs are also recommended.
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