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Nepal has not developed a distinctive style of cooking and it's most popular food consists, more often than not, of Dal Bhat Elentils and rice . An exception is Newar cuisine that can be very elaborate and spicy. Rice is the staple food and some typical dishes include dal (lentil soup), spiced vegetables, chapatis and tsampa (eaten by the hill people), a raw grain, ground and mixed with milk, tea or water.

Sweets and spicy snacks include jelabi, laddus and mukdals . Some regional dishes include gurr , a Sherpa dish of raw potatoes, pounded with spices then grilled like pancakes on a hot, flat stone.

Tibetan cuisine includes thukba, a thick soup and momos (fried or boiled, stuffed dumplings). Meat includes pork, goat, chicken or buffalo, but beef is forbidden. There is a wide varied selection of restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara, elsewhere the choice is limited. A 12 per cent government tax is added to all restaurant bills.

The national drink is chiya , a tea brewed with milk, sugar and spices; in the mountains it is salted with yak butter. Another popular mountain drink is chang , a beer made from fermented barley, maize, rye or millet. Arak (potato alcohol) and raksi (wheat or rice spirit) are popular.

Nepalese beer is available, as is good-quality local rum, gin and vodka. Local whisky is not so tasty, but imported varieties are available.

Nepal has every kind of restaurants to satisfy the taste buds and palate of different types of people. You can find Thai, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Continental hangouts at par with the fast food joints, pubs to local restaurants which will serve you its authentic and sumptuous Nepali, Newari or Thakali food.

Most of the listed restaurants on this site are foreign managed and “Hygiene” always comes first in these places. The phone numbers are made available for your easy reference.
Restaurant Names and Contact Details:
  • Walter's Restaurant & Bar - A tourist haven and a tranquility retreat, it offers sophistication and an exquisite cuisine for those who like gourmet food and a relaxing atmosphere for socialising and escape from the daily routine. The only restaurant in the vicinity to offer Wi-Fi.
  • Bhojan Griha - "Bhojan Griha", the name directly interpreted in English means house of food, but the restaurant is about more than just a house of food.
  • The Rum Doodle (Pvt.) Ltd. - "Positively the best Bar around the most convivial fireplace"
  • The Nanglo Bakery Cafe - Nanglo in Nepali is a flat round tray woven from bamboo. It is used for sifting grain and is an indispensable part of every Nepali kitchen. It is from this utilitarian tray that we took our name to pioneer a new informal pub culture in the valley of Kathmandu.
  • Fire and Ice Pizzeria Kathmandu (Nepal) - The Kathmandu outlet of Fire and ice, Find details and road map of it.
  • Kilroy's of Kathmandu Restaurant - Kilroy's of Kathmandu opened on the 15 th November 1998 amid a blaze of hype and , according to Footprints guide to Nepal "it was entirely justified".
  • Organic Cafe - Organic Cafe. Food Plays a vital role in human lives,If we look back at history during roman period
  • Himalayan Java - Situated in the heart of Kathmandu, Himalayan Java Cafe offers a place to rewind from the hustle of the city.
  • Krishnarpan - The lore of Nepalese food is entwined with taboos of religion, superstition and caste. This has produced a satisfying, sustaining and healthy cuisine.