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Manay people describe western region as "unexplored", but Westerners have a bad habit of assuming that what is unknown to them is unknown to everyone. The region accounts for about 68% of the total land area. It is formed by the Mahabharat range that soars up to 4,877m and lower churia range.Most trekking destinations west of the Annapurna Region were closed till only recently, and belong to the most remote, untouched places in the world. Another factor that discourages trekkers in western Nepal is that many of the culturally and scenically exotic regions are in restricted areas with high permit fees. The Nepalese government aims at regulating tourism in areas such as Dolpo, Jumla and Mustang by allowing only limited numbers of groups, each of which need to carry all necessities. Most routes follow ancient caravan trails, which cut through deep mountain gorges, cross windy passes, and descend down into the green forests of the Terai.

The history and anthropology of western Nepal is complex and fascinating. The region is predominantly Hindu. Tibetans make up only a small part of the population, yet they have had a significant influence on the area through trading. Most of the homes are Tibetan style. Their flat roofs covered with packed earth are well suited to the semiarid conditions of the region behind Dhaulagiri. In many villages the houses are packed closely together one atop another, climbing up the hillside and sharing common roofs. There are few stairs inside the dwellings. Instead, people climb from one level to another on carved log ladders outside the house. This is the only place in Nepal where Hindus live in such obviously Tibetan-style houses. Please select the treks as listed regions wise below:
Annapurna Base CampDolpo Trekking (14 nights 15 days)
Dolpa is located in the shy- Phoksundo National park of mid- western Nepal, behind the Dhaulagiri massif, towards the Tibetan plateau, cut off by a series of very high passes and closed by the snow most of the year. Dolpa remains a truly isolated corner of Nepal. Time has stood still here for centuries as inhabitants of Tibetan stock continue to live, cultivate and trade the way they have done since time immemorial...... + More Details
Annapurna Base CampKancenjunga Trekking (14 nights 15 days)
Kanchanjanga is third highest peak of the world, one of the most remote and beautiful areas in Nepal which, unused to foreign visitors, still lies shrouded in mystery. The feature of the walk are pleasant villages then in the high regions, glorious mountains and abundant wild life. It is located in the extreme northeast corner of Nepal bordering Sikkim(an Indian state) to the east and China to the North. This includes musk deer, blue sheep and for the believer, the Yeti!... + More Details
Annapurna Base CampMakalu Trekking (14 nights 15 days)
There are rarely a few places in the world with such a splendid variety of natural beauty as that of Anapurna region. It is a rare combination of long arrays of snow capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, turbulent rivers, Buddhist monasteries,home of famous Gorkhasoldiers and other friendly ethnic groups, as well as hot springs and beautiful villages....+ More Details
Annapurna Base CampManaslu Trekking (14 nights 15 days)
Pristine mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure sum up the trek experience around the 8156m high Mt. Manaslu. Opened in 1992, this area offers a combination of rich cultural heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity. Beginning in Gorkha, home of the celebrated Gorkha soldiers, visit the ancient palace of king Prithivi Narayan Shah. Soon after, civilization fades and we glimpse ancient villages, observing the simple agricultural habit of its people...... + More Details
Annapurna Base CampMustang Trekking (14 nights 15 days)
Mustang is a very popular trekking region in Nepal and has been described as “desert in the mountain”. The trek to this region is a very rewarding one for those who want to experience the hospitality of the people living in this remote region. Department of immigration issued only a small number of special permit since 1991......+ More Details
Annapurna Base CampPanchpokhari Trekking (14 nights 15 days)
Pristine mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure, offering a trekking experience to the base of Jugal Himal towards north East of Kathmandu. This area is a combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity, beginning at Chautara..... + More Details
Annapurna Base CampRara Trek (14 nights 15 days)
Rara and Jumla lie on the remote Karnali zone in the north – west of Nepal. The region is made up of long ridges covered with temperate forests and alpine pastures enclosing high valleys. Summer rainfall is low, but winter snow can be heavy and persistent. Since the region is fairly high and free from monsoon thunder storms, the summer season is ideal for trekking...... + More Details
Annapurna Base CampDhorpatan Hunting Reserve Trek (17 nights 18 days)
Pleasant trek through mixed country and views of impressive mountains . the spacious Dhorpatan valley is refreshing in this tangled country and here are many intriguing side trip in winter snow can make the crossing of the Jaljala {a view point of Dhaulagiri and Annapurnas a moderate pass into Dhorpatan difficult is not impossible for a few days so alternative route is described that crosses a pass and back from via a small pass Biukot where to see very nice view of mountain like Dhulagiri ,Annapurnas , fishtail and Manasalu range with good sunrise..... + More Details
Annapurna Base CampUpper Dolpo Trek (14 nights 15 days)
Dolpo is located inside the Shy - Phoksundo National Park of mid-western Nepal , behind the Dhaulagiri massif, towards the Tibetan Plateau. Upper Dolpo region is another remote hidden destination in far west where Nepal's most tranquil and natural beauty is still unexplored. The home of herbal land, unspoiled trans-Himalayan culture, Buddhist monuments, unique human civilization at high altitude is worth a visit..... + More Details
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Annapurna Himal and the town of Pokhara dominate Annapurna area. There are three major trekking routes in this region to Jomsom, to Annapurna sanctuary and Annapurna circuit and Pokhara is also a good starting trek for a number of short treks like Siklis, coca cola treks and Royal treks in Annapurna region. View More
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The Khumbu or Everest region is the most popular trekking area in Nepal. It would probably be the most popular destination, but it is more difficult to get to Solu Khumbu than to the Annapurna area. To get near Everest, you must either walk for 10 days or fly to Lukla, a remote mountain airstrip where flights are notoriously unreliable. View More
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Western Region TrekkingWestern Region Trekking
Manay people describe western region as "unexplored", but Westerners have a bad habit of assuming that what is unknown to them is unknown to everyone. The region accounts for about 68% of the total land area. It is formed by the Mahabharat range that soars up to 4,877m View More